True love Radha Krishna quotes in English

Radha Krishna Quotes in English – Hinduism religion has had several religious holy sculptures and Gods and Goddesses in its ancient centuries. Similarly, Radha Krishna is a famous couple of the Hindu religion who is the greatest God and Goddess of love and affection.

Most people follow the Bhagavad Geeta, a holy book written for life lessons and Krishna’s guidelines to live a human life with pure soul and love. Lord Krishna conveys a deep love lesson in Bhagavad Geeta to everyone that love someone without any expectation and follow your action and duties for that person. So let’s start with unconditional love Radha Krishna Quotes

“Spiritual love is everything that expects nothing in return.”

“The single but important day, when we surrender ourselves completely to the Krishna, He will accept us with great love without any question.”

“Say Radhe Radhe to allure Krishna and get his blessing showers on you.”

Positive Radha Krishna Quotes in English

However, there are several Radha Krishna quotes in English that we see on the web. Likewise, Krishna and Radha are the symbols of priceless love quotes with pure and peaceful souls. The nickname of Krishna is also very much familiar among people like Gopala, Laddu Gopal, Kanha (called by Yashoda mother), etc.

There are many fictions about Gopies and Krishna dance that is only associated to recall the Lord. God Krishna did dance with Gopies and stole butter from their earthen pots but Gopies still love Krishna.

“The human life is crafted to do love with purity and peaceful mind.”

“Love somebody who loves you, not love that person to whom you love only.”

“The divine blue beauty of Krishna attracts everyone’s heart, the pure souls love him madly and listen to him in their hearts every time.”

Love quotes of radha krishna in english

Moreover, when we see the summary of Bhagavad Geeta, it is all about pure love and souls. Likewise, Krishna explained love and its value after the Mahabharat war. Nonetheless, you learn compassion and devotion from Krishna and Radha’s love life. In addition, the lessons of Baghavd Geeta make people generous and kind.

In short, we learn from Krishna that love someone without expectation and be kind to humanity. Therefore, due to a deep sense of pure love, people worship Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha Rani.

“Gentle love, calmness, silent prayers, self-restraint, and pure soul keep you disciplined and love with Krishna.”

“When humans turn their worries and grief into prayer and worship, then Deity Krishna will turn their battles into blessings.”

“The reduction of desires considers the key to happiness.”

The importance of yellow color on Janmashtami

The Janmashtami is a famous festival of the Hindu religion. It associates with the birth of Lord Krishna. People celebrate it with great love and warmth. Likewise, women and men wear yellow clothes and use turmeric and wood for Tilak. Additionally, a little statue of Lord Krishna is styled with yellow clothes and a peacock wing on the crown for Baal Gopala.

“Great prosperity and happiness come with Krishna, Happy Janmashtami to everyone.”

“As Krishna said- the soul will never cut down into pieces but the body can be because the soul is immortal.”

“The divine love of a mother and son-the divine relationship of Yashodha and Krishna.”

Furthermore, except for Radha Krishna’s quote in English, many writers wrote love Radha Krishna quotes in other languages too. Besides this, if we talk about the importance of the yellow color on the Janmashtami, then it belongs to Pitambri or the shining and rising sun. Secondly, the yellow color considers the joy, spring season, and brightness that come after great cheerful moments. Therefore, the yellow color has its own importance for good deeds and in festivals too.


“The only single staircase to conquer Krishna is divine love and generosity.”

“Belief in time- what is happened is for the good, what is happening is also for the better, and what will happen, will also happen for the best.”

“The wise man does duties for the welfare of others, not for his own expectations.”

krishna radha love quotes in english


In the same vein, many authors describe their love for Krishna as Radha Krishna quotes in English and Love Radha Krishna quotes in their writings. By continuing, the yellow color also is a sign of deep heart worship for our God or Goddess.

This is because the yellow color glows our divinity naturally. On the other hand, everything is associated with pure love and generous nature toward human beings. Therefore, learn and follow lessons as given by Lord Krishna and have faith in him for happy moments.

“Self-control and deduction in desires the mantra for success.”

“To see the bravery, just see the people who can forgive others.”

“Do your duties, focus on the goal but never expect, it all depends upon the Deity’s plans.”

Thanks for giving your valuable time to these Radha Krishna love quotes in English. May Lord Krishna and Devi Radha fulfill more happiness in your life. Share these Radha Krishna Love Quotes in English with your loved ones on Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, or any social platform.


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